The Navigation hosts a variety of course fish, Pike, Bream, Roach, Perch the occasional Trout and many others on its tidal and no-tidal sections. Free fishing is available at several locations on the Navigation, below Struncheon Hill lock and Frodingham Landing. Providing you fish from off the landing at Frodingham no charge is made, the landing belongs to the Driffield Navigation Trust. All that is asked of you if fishing from the landing is that boats have priority if wanting to moor at the landing and please leave the Trip Boat mooring free.

At other sites the landowner charges a daily rod license fee and in some places the landowners do not allow fishing even from the public footpath.

Fishing is also good on the Driffield Canal (part of the Navigation) Allegedly the fishing rights still belong to the Driffield Navigation Trust who do not at present charge for fishing on the Canal. You may however find that someone will try to make you pay, so it is up to you what action you take if fishing on the Canal and asked to pay.

If fishing from a boat it is FREE, remember that a Visitors License is required for the boat, only £5 a year, see Craft License for details. Small boats can be launched from Frodingham Landing and Driffield Riverhead. Free parking is available at both locations.

So why not come and give it a try, you never know you may do like several other fishermen and keep a boat on the Navigation for the fishing and its tranquil surroundings.


a Bream caught at Bethell’s Bridge.
Below Struncheon Hill lock in the Summer of 2000 a shoal of Bream (50 plus) ranging in size from 2 to 5lbs and possibly higher. The shoal was clearly visible close to the bank when approached by boat at a slow speed. Large Bream are also to be found in the Navigable section of West Beck, access to this water is only available by boat.

Pike of all sizes are abundant, 20lb being considered a small one by the local fishermen.

Roach and Perch:-

The waters are also abundant with Roach and Perch of all sizes, picture left one of the larger Perch caught at Bethell’s bridge (October 2002). Further Information:- Numerous fishing Websites are available, several mention the Driffield Navigation and the types of fish to be found.


Several fishing ponds are available around the Navigation. Wansford Trout Fishing (adjacent to Snakeholme Lock) offers two lakes that have been specially designed to provide a pleasant and relaxed angling experience. Ponds are also to be found at Bransburton were the fishing from a boat is available.