4 Travel Tips You Should Definitely Know

Travelling smart is the key to a happy traveler. By making smart decisions and the right choices while traveling, your money can go further and your wallet will thank you for that. We listed below 4 travel tips to help you be smart throughout your journey. Let’s check them out shall we?

  1. Be Ready for Different kinds of Plugs

  • Travelling overseas you’ll definitely encounter different plug sockets. This may be a hassle especially if you don’t bring an adapter with you. Before you travel, make sure to bring the right adapter with you or else you’ll be spending your travel with your gadgets on 0% battery. Besides that, you can also pack a small extension cable for your convenience. Some hotels may only have one wall socket especially near the bed, you’ll be having a hard time to charge everything at once. So having an extension cable with you will come in very handy.
  1. Rise and Shine as Early as Possible

  • Time to change your wake up schedule when on vacation. Everything is yours to see when you wake up early, sunrises over private beaches, popular tourist attractions without people swarming around it. You can have your own solitude of sipping that cup of coffee in the side of the street while you watch the world wake up. Everything is yours when you wake up early.
  1. Sort your Cash Before You Fly

  • Make sure to convert your money to the currency of the destination you’re going to. Here are some tips on how:
  • Go to Moneysaving Expert’s website to check where the best rates are for the currency you want
  • Check if you can get any preferential rates that you get with your bank.
  • Change more currency more than you need, ATM’s or exchanging in another country is quite expensive
  • Don’t use any bank cards or credit cards when abroad, they may charge you more than the usual.
  1. Hotel Rooms with Breakfast is a No Go

  • It may look like an awesome deal to book a hotel with breakfast, but no it isn’t. Hotel rooms are cheaper without breakfast. You can always go to the nearest cafe once you wake up so you can eat peacefully without worrying how your wallet is doing. This is a great way to meet the locals and see the city wake up. If you haven’t pre booked yet, never choose for breakfast add-ons on a hotel unless you really have to.

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