A Guide to Planning a Wedding in a Castle

Castle weddings top many brides and grooms’ dream list for dream wedding venues, yet these sophisticated venues present their own set of challenges such as limited availability, higher costs, party size limits, decor restrictions, etc.

As travel has become more affordable, castle wedding venues have become more readily available. Follow our steps for planning the ideal castle wedding.

Planning a Wedding in a Castle

No matter what style wedding you desire, castle-themed celebrations provide the ideal setting. There are numerous stunning castles which make ideal destinations for this type of event, ranging from Gothic stone structures to Gatsby-era mansions – plus beautiful outdoor spaces overlooking mountains or lakes that offer the ideal scenery. Castle Durrow is a truly magical setting that shines when it comes to weddings.

Before making any definitive decisions about a venue, be sure to visit it first. This will allow you to see if the property suits your event perfectly, while providing an opportunity for getting acquainted with its space and talking to staff about services cost and amenities included within rental fees – this way you can evaluate whether any additional expenses justify choosing that special setting.

For an elegant castle-themed wedding, use an elegant and classic invitation suite. A white-on-white design with darker accents looks gorgeous while reflecting its atmosphere perfectly; an antique wax seal adds even more charm!

When selecting a date for your wedding, take into account external factors like its popularity among couples and how the weather might influence availability and prices. Allow enough time for planning as this will reduce stress on the big day!

An important challenge of planning a castle-themed wedding is figuring out how to best utilize the space available, while working with staff on how to set up and break down. If your venue offers multiple rooms, limiting guest counts might help ensure everyone feels welcome in each space.

As part of planning a castle wedding, it’s crucial that you regularly communicate with your venue. Be sure to find out when setup can begin and whether there are any restrictions or limitations for decor. Couples may also wish to discuss music selection with their DJ/Band so their playlist reflects your wedding’s theme.


An idyllic fairy-tale setting makes for the ideal setting to exchange vows. And whether you’re getting married abroad or in your native state, castle wedding venues provide romance complete with elegant architectural features and breathtaking surroundings.

As there are so many beautiful castles to choose from, selecting one for your big day may become daunting. To narrow your search and make it simpler, begin your search by finding one that meets both your style and size needs; some castles are ideal for an elopement while others can accommodate larger parties of guests.

Once you’ve found the ideal castle, book a tour to explore its interior spaces and amenities. Make sure you ask questions such as whether there are restrooms nearby, can cater to special dietary requirements, and how much the rental fee includes.

Consult your wedding planner about how best to orchestrate the ceremony at a castle. Perhaps having ushers available before the ceremony starts would ensure all guests are politely welcomed and seated – they could also distribute your order of service and any necessary details.

One way to make your guests feel welcome during your ceremony is to assign designated family or friends as readers for scripture passages, responsorial psalms and any other biblical literature that celebrates your love and commitment to each other.

After your ceremony, take advantage of the castle’s lovely outdoor spaces for your wedding photographs. Pose in its weapon courtyard, near towers covered with moss or in front of its amazing walls – plus its mirrored lake and stunning views are an incredible backdrop to capture memorable images that you will treasure always.

Keep in mind that castles were not designed with modern weddings in mind, so be sure to communicate clearly with your vendors regarding your needs. Some castles may not include elevators or modern restrooms and may have specific guidelines regarding decorating the space. Some may require renting items like flooring, tenting or lighting.


An event as special and personal as a castle wedding requires that its reception be designed accordingly. While traditional elements like dance floors and music might be your go-to choices, adding personal touches such as carnival games, food trucks or jazz trios might give it more flair than you anticipated.

If you have your heart set on booking a certain location, it is wise to book it as early as possible. Historic castles tend to be in high demand and may only have limited calendar availability available to them. Furthermore, keep in mind that castles may impose some restrictions or exclusive vendors you need to work around when selecting their venue.

Once you have found the ideal venue, be sure to ask about its amenities and rental fee to help make the best financial decision for your big day. Some venues will include ceremony space and banquet hall only while others offer extra rooms for cocktail hour or out-of-town guest accommodations.

Most castles are nestled into lush natural surroundings or overlook lakes, providing stunning backdrops for photos. Additionally, many have grand staircases perfect for formal photo op.

If your castle features different locations for both ceremony and reception, make sure your guests have enough transportation options. This is particularly essential if the locations are spread far apart or off-the-beaten path places like iconic landmarks. Make sure your invitations or website offer maps and give an easy-to-follow timeline for events.

Even though white stationery suites are the norm for weddings, you can also incorporate subtler tones for more elegant invitations. Ecru paper with torn edges or faded floral motifs provides this look, while you could seal envelopes using wax stamps adds another authentic touch.


Castle weddings provide the opportunity to create an enchanting fairytale-esque event for your guests, with plenty of entertaining activities that will keep them occupied while they wait. A castle’s architecture provides ample photo opps that give your photos that timeless fairytale feel: towers, courtyards and wrought-iron gates will add drama. And choosing one situated among mountains or lakes means that guests will experience stunning scenery all around them!

Gondola rides make an elegant touch for any wedding reception. This traditional Italian tradition can transport your guests back in time and place, creating the ideal ambience for castle weddings. Gondolas can also help get everyone involved with the fun!

An interactive photo booth is another fantastic way to keep guests engaged on your special day and is an effective way to capture photos and videos from it all. Modern photo booths now come equipped with features such as interactive selfie mirrors and 360-degree technology, plus many can even be housed within unique vehicles like vintage vans or airstreams!

Alternatively, live drawing, painting and illustration artists offer another engaging option that guests will remember from your special day. Some offer custom designs which can even be framed and displayed at home as mementoes of their special event!

Words of wisdom are an age-old way of getting guests to leave you messages in your guest book, providing an enjoyable activity even the quietest or most reserved ones can enjoy. Plus, it serves as an exciting way to announce the beginning of a new life together!

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