Benefits of Cleaning Your Vehicle: Using a Foam Gun or Cannon?

If you’re like us, you use your personal vehicle in your travels. If you’re about taking the road less traveled, sometimes your vehicle will become extremely dirty. Most people opt to use a regular garden house to get rid of dirt and grime however this isn’t the best way to clean your vehicle.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of cleaning your vehicle with a foam cannon.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Vehicle with a Foam Cannon

In the realm of auto detailing, a popular issue is asked: Is a foam cannon worth it? After I came across this article from Gauge Magazine, I purchased one. I thought about whether it was worthwhile or not. So I researched for actual info that would help me make the best purchasing decision.

So are foam cannons worth it? Yes. Foam cannons are a great tool for pre-washing your vehicle to guarantee surface dirt and particles are removed from your paint. This reduces the risk of scratches and abrasions. It can also increase the lifespan of your automobile’s paint job. The goal of the foam cannon is to loosen the surface dirt before cleaning by hand with a 2 bucket wash.

Removing Surface Dirt

Professionals and DIYers alike can benefit from using a foam cannon. With that said, there are a number of foam cannons as well as soaps to go with them.

Over time, organic and inorganic substances will make their way onto your vehicle’s paint. Without a foam cannon, removing these small particles might be challenging and even leave signs of abrasion over the car’s paint.

The foam cannon loosens the dirt and reduces the friction coefficient. This prevents the paint from rubbing off. The main objective of cleaning your car is preventing damage or scratches, so the foam cannon helps make it possible with very little work. The importance of this pre-washing phase can’t be underestimated.


The foam cannon is really convenient to operate, it is very easy to get started. Simply add water and soap into the canister, shake the bottle, and connect them to your pressure washer. It is a simple way to protect the paint on your vehicle and is well worth the investment.

Many foam cannons are really durable and last a while, therefore the investment is worthwhile for decades to come.

It’s Fun!

Using a foam cannon is my personal favorite when it comes to detailing. The vehicle is covered in foam, friends drive past and ask: What’s this? It is a good time!

Which Brand of Foam Cannon is Best?

There are lots of advancements within the engineering of foam cannons. Foam cannon brands are extremely similar, as they each work the exact same way. I make use of Chemical Guys’ TORQ foam cannon and also think it is really user-friendly. Nevertheless, you will find several brands of foam cannons when you search.

Other brands of foam cannons are durable and provide excellent value. Some foam cannons have brass components on the connector which guarantee a permanent, smooth operation.

Which Soap Do I Use?

Choosing the right soap for your foam cannon could be an overwhelming test. There are plenty of models selling soap particularly for their foam cannons; picking one may be challenging. I make use of Chemical Guys’ Mr. Pink soap. It lifts off the majority of the surface area dust and residue before going I go on with 2 bucket wash.

Many manufacturers of auto detailing products make soap specifically for their foam cannon. In many cases, this soap is the most effective for their given brand.

To achieve the best results of your respective foam cannon, make sure to use it on a dry vehicle. Stay away from direct sunlight to lessen the chance of water stains forming over the clear coat. To obtain the very best results with snow foam, let it stay on your vehicle for a minute before rinsing it off. Be sure most of the surface particulates are flushed away or even dissolved before drying.

What PSI do I Use?

A pressure washer with 1,200 to 1,900 PSI would be sufficient. Gallons per second (GPM) does not matter in this situation, as most foam cannons are supposed to handle nearly all high-pressure washers. Most foam cannons have adapters, so fixing the foam cannon to an electric or gas powered option is easy.

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