Choosing the Perfect Backpack for Your Disney Trip

Having a family trip to Disneyland is one of the most exciting experience a family could have.

When visiting Disney Parks, having a backpack that’s full of the needed essentials is a must. Below is a list of things to pack for your magical family day at Disney. The things listed below are lightweight, as you don’t need to overload your backpack with heavy stuff or you will be stuck lugging it around with you throughout the day.

Don’t worry if you may ever forget something, Disney Park shops may offer some of these essentials just in case you missed them while you’re packing.


  • An adult-sized backpack is advisable as it offers plenty of room for all the essentials you need. For easier access to some of your things, get a backpack that has outside pockets for an easy grab-and-go.

      2.Extra Set of Clothes

  • If you have a little one with you, carrying an extra set of clothes will come in useful. We never know when they’ll get wet, dirty, or sweaty during the day so it’s better to become ready when it happens. It’s also likely to change their clothes at least once if you’re planning on a full day trip to the park.

       3.A pack of extra underwear and diapers

  • Even if your little one is already potty trained at home, there may be times when the mud or waterworks will accidentally go full blast especially in parks. They might poop themselves seeing their favorite Disney characters or might even wet themselves during an extreme ride. At least 3 pairs of underwear is highly recommended to bring.

       4.Wet Wipes

  • You know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Parks are full of germs everywhere so it’s advisable to bring wet wipes for you and for your little ones.

       5.Boogie Wipes

  • This is perfect for wiping off dirty faces especially on your little ones.

       6.Small collapsible bag

  • These are great especially for wet clothes that’s due to riding those water rides, or your little ones wet undies. It can also be used as a tote bag to fill those souvenirs or your snacks.

       7.Small Towel

  • Having a small towel is handy for those unexpected wet moments like those extreme water rides. Be sure to pack plenty of them.

       8.Flip Flops

  • It’s ideal to bring flip flops even though you’re already wearing shoes while on a Disney Park. Having flip flops is very convenient for a quick change especially when you’re going on a water ride or play some wet activities.


  • We can never predict what the weather will bring to us. But if you’re planning your Disney Trip on a sunny day, it’s advisable to bring a Sunscreen with you to protect your skin from the scorching heat from the sun.

       10. Sun glass & Hat Combo

  • Speaking of sunny days, don’t also forget to bring these two to protect you from the heat even more. Don’t forget to bring one for your little one too.

       11. Small First Aid Kit

  • We never know what might happen during the trip, maybe your little one will go running around and might bruise itself. So a small bag of first aid kit is definitely needed. You don’t need to bring the whole kit, a pack of band aids and a triple antibiotic spray is enough.

       12.Children’s Allergy Medicine

  • Little kids are more sensitive to their surroundings. They might get an allergy especially from the food they eat, and you know Disney Park has plenty of treats to offer that we never know what ingredients they might have mixed in. So a pack of children’s allergy medicine is a must.


  • There are plenty of snacks and treats to choose from in a Disney park. But sometimes, we want to bring our own so that we can have something to munch on while waiting in line. Pack some bite-sized snacks for everyone to enjoy. You can also bring some watered bottles with you, but if you want free water, Disney restaurants offer iced water for free. Or if you’re too lazy enough, they also have water fountains throughout the park.

      14.Glow Sticks

  • Your kids will definitely enjoy if you bring one of these. They can play with these at the dark and it’s also a nice way to decorate your stroller at night, so that you can easily find the stroller parking areas.

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