Essentials for a Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

If you like to go on long distance motorcycle road trips, then you know that being prepared is essential.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your road trip and discovering you are missing an essential travel item that ends up disrupting your entire trip, and fun!

In this article we are going to cover the must-haves that you cannot go without when going on a long distance motorcycle excursion.

Let’s get started!

Here are the Essentials for a Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip:

A Good Ole Map

You just never know when your cell phone or GPS might stop working and need to know where you are going.

Carrying a good ole fashion paper map will come in handy should this happen.

Electronics may fail you, but a map won’t so this is extremely important, especially when traveling through more rural areas.


Obviously, having a map is great, but the most convenient way to know where you’re going is by using a satellite navigation system.

If you have a cell phone mount on your motorcycle you can save some money and use your cell phone instead but you won’t regret purchasing a motorcycle specific GPS system.

Most of them have big touchscreens that are designed to work with motorcycle gloves.

If you have a Bluetooth helmet communicator, you can hook this up to your navigation system to hear the directions which is also a plus.

An Emergency Communicator

An emergency communicator is an essential piece of kit, especially if you’re traveling by yourself .

If you crash on a remote road and get injured or trapped under your motorcycle, you can use an emergency communicator to notify friends, family, or rescue services.

This is to have in a worse case scenario, but it is always good to be prepared, even for the worse. has some really good emergency communicators.

Flat Repair Kit

If you ride a motorcycle for long enough, you’ll more than likely pick up a puncture at some point.

But, if you’re running on tubeless tires and get a puncture, a flat repair kit will get you up and running pretty quickly.

It’s not the final solution, but it should last you long enough to get to a garage and get it fixed properly.

Be sure your flat repair kit includes a portable air compressor so you can add more air to your tires as needed.

Find basic motorcycle flat repair kits via

Motorcycle Travel Tool Kit

You may not have any major issues with your motorcycle, but you will need to tighten your chain, especially on long road trips.

The smallest mechanical failure can ruin a motorcycle road trip.

So, always make sure you have good travel motorcycle tool kit with you.

We love this toolkit by which includes everything you need in a nice travel case.

Riding Gear

Obviously you want to wear a helmet and leathers, gloves, etc.

If traveling through sunny places, don’t forget the sunscreen for your face!

Be sure to pack rain gear and warm gear for colder climates as well.

Spare Key

This might sounds silly but say you are hundreds of miles away from home and you lose your key?

Having a spare key in your wallet or in a safe place with you can really save you a lot of trouble should you lose your main key.

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