The Best Flooring Options for Pet Owners

Pets can do a lot of damage to floors. Whether it’s scratch marks from sharp claws or moisture damage from accidents and spills, the right flooring will give you and your pet peace of mind.

We’ve rounded up the best floors for pet owners that will stand up to scratches, dents, and spills.


Pets are great companions, but they can also do a number on your home’s flooring. From accidents to muddy paw prints and epic drifts of shed fur, a suitable floor material can make or break the longevity of your floors. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that can keep your pets happy and your flooring looking pristine.

One of the most popular choices for pet owners is luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. This durable option is resistant to scratching, scuffing and staining and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can suit any design style.

Another great option for pet owners is laminate flooring. Its durability protects it against scratches and scuffing from sharp claws, and it is generally less sensitive to moisture than other flooring materials. Laminate can look very similar to hardwood, but it is usually more budget friendly and easier to maintain. One other alternative is epoxy flooring; Precision Epoxy Houston is among the best Houston garage epoxy floor contractor so make sure to contact them first if you’re planning to have one installed.

Both carpet and a variety of hard surface floorings are also available for pet owners. Carpet is soft and provides traction for slipping pets, while it also offers sound absorption for the click-clack-click of sharp nails. It may not hide scratches very well, however, so it is important to consider the type of weave and texture you choose.

Lastly, solid wood and engineered hardwood floors are also excellent choices for pet owners. While they may not hide scratches as well as other materials, they are incredibly sturdy and beautiful and offer the added benefit of being able to be sanded down and refinished if needed.

Another popular alternative to hardwood is cork flooring. Its microbial properties make it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, making it ideal for households with pets. It is also a great choice for sound absorption, as it reduces the noise of paws and claws walking across the floor and can help to block out echoes. It is also easy to clean and can be manufactured to look very much like hardwood, though lighter shades tend to conceal scratches and scuffs better over time. Cork is also a good alternative for those with allergies, as it naturally resists mold and mildew and can absorb pet odors.


Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will get into a few spills and scrapes from time to time. That’s why it is important to look into a flooring material that will be resistant to scratch and ding damage.

Laminate floors are a great choice for pet owners, as they can withstand paws and claws without a scratch. It’s also relatively water-resistant, assuming that any liquid spills are cleaned immediately. However, if puddles or moisture is left to sit on laminate, it can cause the top layer to warp and stain.

Tile is another flooring option that is a good choice for pet owners, as it can handle spills and scrapes fairly well. It’s a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but thanks to today’s advancements in floor technology, it can mimic the appearance of natural stone or even hardwood floors. Ceramic tile can be very eye-catching and comes in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. Porcelain tile can be a bit more durable than ceramic and is less sensitive to moisture.

Carpets are not a good choice for most pets, as they can trap pet hair and dust in the fibers, which can lead to allergies and irritation. Carpets can also be quite slippery for dogs and can cause stress on the joints in older dogs.

Hardwood floors are not recommended for most homes with pets, as they tend to scratch easily and can be prone to damage from moisture. However, engineered hardwood is a popular alternative as it can be made to look like natural wood while providing greater durability. This style of hardwood can be treated to provide more scratch resistance and moisture protection.

Bamboo is another great option for those seeking a natural look to their home while also protecting against scratches and stains. It’s a durable and sustainable material that is available in a wide variety of colorways and styles to suit any aesthetic. While it is not as moisture-resistant as many other types of flooring, it can withstand the occasional spill or puddle, but excessive moisture should be quickly mopped up to prevent lasting damage.


When looking for a new flooring option for your home, it’s important to consider how well it will hold up against the wear and tear of your pets. Scratches from sharp claws, pet accidents, muddy paw prints and piles of shedding fur can all be a huge pain to deal with but there are floors out there that can hold up well against these issues.

A great choice is vinyl. It’s an affordable option and is very durable against scratching. It’s also water resistant and easy to clean. It comes in a variety of styles and colors so you can find the perfect vinyl floor for your home.

Bamboo floors are another popular option for pet owners. They offer a similar level of durability to vinyl and are more visually appealing than many hardwood options. However, bamboo can be susceptible to moisture and is not recommended for bathrooms. Engineered bamboo is a good alternative that offers the beauty of bamboo without being as sensitive to moisture.

Tile is a long-standing favorite amongst homeowners, especially those with children and pets. It’s durable against the scratches that pets can inflict and incredibly easy to clean. Spills and wet mop clean ups are no problem for smooth tile floors that are less sensitive to water than laminate. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in a range of eye-catching colors and textures so you can find the perfect tile to suit your home décor.

While a concrete floor might not be the most comfortable option for your pets, it is an excellent choice for any homeowner who wants tough, low-maintenance floors that are also attractive. It’s also fire and stain resistant, making it a safe choice for homes with pets. It’s also hypoallergenic and doesn’t harbor dander, fleas or mites like carpeting can.

If you are a dog owner and are interested in refinishing your existing concrete floors to make them more pet friendly, consider hiring a professional contractor who can use specialized equipment to grind the surface to remove any cracks or holes. After the grinding, they can apply a sealant to help protect the surface and make it more scuff-resistant.


As a soft material, cork floors can feel comfortable on paws and feet while absorbing sound. Cork is also easy to clean and can hide scuff marks, scratches and pet dents. A few extra precautions like placing felt pads on furniture and keeping your dogs nails trimmed will help protect your investment.

Bamboo flooring is another option for dog owners who are looking for a natural, wood-look floor with the added benefit of being eco-friendly and highly sustainable. Like cork, bamboo is naturally stain and scratch resistant. It is also highly microbial and has good shock absorption qualities. It is an excellent choice for those who have heavy dogs, as it is more forgiving of their sharp claws than hardwoods.

Hardwood is another beautiful, classic flooring option that isn’t necessarily the best choice for pet owners because solid hardwoods absorb moisture and can warp and discolor over time from urination, shedding or water damage. However, engineered hardwoods made from more durable species of wood like oak, hickory and sycamore can be very pet friendly and resist damage better than solid wood.

Laminate is another great choice for pet owners because it offers an easy clean up in the event of spills, scuff marks and pet accidents. The wear layer on laminate is tough and can disguise scuff marks, scratches and dents caused by pets’ sharp nails. It also holds up to wet mopping and is less sensitive to moisture than vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl is another very versatile, affordable flooring option that comes in a huge variety of styles and colors. It can mimic the look of tile, stone or hardwood flooring and is very stain and scratch resistant. It is also a good choice for those who want the warmth of carpeting without the allergy risks.

Honorable mentions go to cork and concrete flooring, which are workable but not ideal for those with active pets. Cork is soft and may be more susceptible to damage than some other types of flooring. It can be scuffed by nails and will need to be refinished periodically. Concrete is another workable flooring option but its rough texture can snag and puncture the legs of furniture, scratch or mar the surface and dull the shine of the finish.

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