Tips for Long Car Trips with Your Kids

When it comes to summer vacation, families usually go out on trips away from their home. And with it are long road trips or car rides. From refilling your gas tank to stopping over for a quick stop or a restroom break for you and your kids, here are 17 travel tips for long car rides:

  1. Road trip Countdowns

Usually, road trips are not the kid’s cup of tea – they easily get bored and sleepy which can be a hard task for you; thus, it might be great if you make them do something and reward them for staying awake during the whole trip. For example, you can make them read a book out loud, or make them draw a picture, etc. This way, you can surely make the whole trip exciting and fun for them especially when you reward them afterward.

  1. Play Car Games

The license plate game is among the classic and most fun games to play while in the car. Also, games like counting things on the road such as animals, road signs, and etc., can be very fun for you and your kids.

  1. Music, Applications or Books

Road trips might take longer than the usual, and games might be too tiring. With this, it might be better if you pack and ready your road trip playlist ahead install an application in your devices that your kids can play in silence while they’re at the backseat. Or better yet, bring some books that they can read and immerse themselves into while they’re on a very long car ride.

  1. Fun Bags

Fill up a bag filled with items such as coloring books, small toys, books, and other items that your kids can grab and play with while they’re sitting comfortably at the back of your car. Also, it might be a great idea if you include food items that they can munch on. Food items that they can never experience at home might be a good idea for it can entice excitement in them.

  1. Get Creative

Make your kids create something cool, have a contest to see who can make the coolest make-shift or DIY thing.

  1. Mind their Need for Sleep

You can leave super early like before the sun comes up, and put your kids in your car while they’re in their PJs and make them sleep for the first few hours. When they wake up, you can serve them packed breakfast and watch a DVD at the back of the car. Or if your kids are not morning people, you can make the trip early at night and make a night stop at a hotel for rest.

  1. Stop for Playtime

Usually, games and activities inside the car might get boring and uninteresting which is why it would be a great idea to make a quick stop at a playground or park to make your kids play around for a short time outdoors. This way, you can also make a quick rest from sitting on your car too long.

  1. Relax, and Break Some Rules

Don’t be too uptight when it comes to what your kids are doing – it’s vacation after all. What’s important is for everyone to be entertained, be relaxed and safe at the same time.

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