Travel Hacks

Traveling takes a lot of planning and decisions, and when you’re at it, there might be many things that you want to consider for you to save some cash and maximize more on the upsides of planning your travel well.


Before the trip:

  1. Plan Ahead

Traveling should be viewed as something that’s serious. After all, you’re traveling miles away from your comfort zone where the sense of familiarity is not the same. Planning and preparing your whole trip before you can help you experience a smooth and successful trip; thus, the better the experience. This is also to save yourself the hassle and additional costs whenever you overlook something that you could’ve avoided.

  1. Booking of Accommodations

When looking for places to stay, choose the most economical option. However, when you’re traveling to a big city, it might be best if you spend a little more to situate yourself within the city proper than to spend more on your transportation. Other things to consider such as privacy, service, and others should also be one of the things that you have to make a factor when it comes to deciding a place to stay.

  1. Booking of Flights

For flights, use a private browser whenever you’re looking for a flight online. This is to lower the cost of your booked flight since airlines monitor your presence in their websites, and they usually charge more on those people who frequently visit their site. Aside from that, you should also secure yourself some travel insurance. This is to save yourself terrible additional costs in the unfortunate event that you will be involved in an accident while traveling.

  1. Bring The Essentials

To protect yourself the hassle, it might be best if you bring your universal plug socket and some offline maps. This way, you will not have the trouble of not having your devices drained, and the burden of finding an internet connection whenever you need to access a map.

  1. Inform Your Bank

When traveling internationally, inform your bank about your trip. This is to ensure yourself that they won’t be blocking your card whenever they see that there’s an activity from it outside of your country.

When Packing:

  1. Leave the “Just In Case” Things

Don’t trouble yourself with bringing too many unnecessary items. Instead, carry only the thing that you will use. The lesser that you bring, the more you will enjoy your travel experience. To do this, remind not to overthink the whole trip, and carry only the things that are necessities.

  1. Separate Your Money and Cards

To be safe and be extra secured, separate your money from your cards and checks. This is to prevent yourself from losing everything in the unfortunate event that you get your things stolen or lost. This also goes for your identification cards and other documents. It would be smart if you keep one inside your bags and one with you that you always carry.

  1. Pack Wisely

To save yourself some space in your pockets and luggage, it might be best if your improvise or use items that can help you pack in a very wise way. Items such as organizers, reusable garbage sacks are just some of the few things that can help you pack your things properly. Aside from that, techniques such as rolling your clothes instead of just folding them might help you save some space.

On the Plane:

  1. Hydrate Yourself Well

Traveling by plane can dehydrate you so much which can make you feel uneasy or groggy, not to mention the jet lag. To avoid this, help yourself by drinking sufficient amount of water to prevent dehydration.

  1. Keep Yourself Fed

When you have a long flight ahead, bring some of your own and preferred snacks. This way, you won’t be starving yourself while you’re in a long flight, and it could come conveniently for you whenever you don’t prefer the food on the plane.

  1. Choose Your Seat Carefully

If you want a better overlooking view, then the window seat might be for you. If you’re someone who wants to have the aisle accessible to walk to get to the restroom, then the aisle seat might be the most convenient for you.

  1. Dress Wisely

Avoid wearing clothes that are uncomfortable and are too complicated to take off or wear. Instead of using three layers of clothing, settle for a thick jacket to save yourself the hassle of taking on clothing after another. Bring a scarf if it helps you feel comfortable.

  1. Neck Pillows and Ear Plugs

If you’re a light sleeper, it might be best if you bring stuff that can help you sleep better. Chairs and headrests in airplanes or even buses can be uncomfortable which means that it might be best if you bring your neck pillow. Earplugs should be considered too if you are someone who’s easily distracted by noise.

  1. Consider Turbulence

Sitting near the airplane’s wings can help you experience minor turbulence if compared to the plane’s other sitting areas.

  1. Beat the Jet Lag

Aside from keeping yourself hydrated, it might be smart if you take a few minutes to walk up and down the aisle to exercise and help your muscles relax.

On the Trip:

  1. Look for Free Stuff

Usually, destinations have free tours and open museums that you can enjoy without having to spend money at the entrance. Opting for these spots can be a great way to enjoy without worrying about your budget.

  1. Skip Your Phone

You’re traveling for a reason, and one of them is to see new places. You can’t maximize the most out of this experience if you’re always on your phone. Go offline for a while and enjoy the new environment that you are in.

After the Trip:

  1. Check Your Bank Account

This is to see if there are suspicious charges or activities in your account. Aside from that, you also have the chance to reassess your whole travel and see if you overspent on something.

  1. Sync Your Photos and Videos

Typically, photos and videos are inevitable to have especially when traveling – it’s one of the best ways to have a keepsake. When you arrive home, make sure you have secured a backup file for your documented moments.

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