Travel Hacks

Travel is one way to escape from stress that can help you relax and also experience new things about the different places around the world. Every year, hundreds and millions of people are travelling to find adventure. But we can never escape the fact that the journey along the way may become rough sometimes.

Below, we’re going to share some traveling tips to keep your journey sailing smoothly.

Go Incognito!

  • If you’re planning to book tickets online, it’s better to turn on incognito browsing. Some airlines will check your cookies to see how many times you’ve visited their site. With this information, they can see which ticket you’re keeping an eye on. And if you don’t book it right away, the next time you’ll visit their site, you’ll be surprised that the prices have gone higher. This is the kind of trick some websites use to persuade customers to purchase their items immediately.

Book two one-way tickets

  • Did you know that you can save a lot of cash of booking two one-way tickets than booking a round trip ticket? Yes it is! Another benefit of this is that you can have a chance to visit more places without the need to worry when your flight home is scheduled to depart. If you’re into making multiple stop-overs, it’s cheaper to fly into one airport and depart from another.

Save Cash by Renting Apartments

  • If you’re going for a cheaper way to stay while on vacation, apps such as AirBnb and HomeAway is here to help. Renting apartments are a much affordable option than staying in a hotel. And not just that, some of these apartments offer large rooms that’s ideal especially if you’re travelling as a group. While in hotels, you’ll be surprised with their hidden charges and taxes they’ve added to your bill the moment you’re ready for checkout.

Save Space by Vacuum Packs and Rolling

  • So you got a tiny suitcase but a ton of clothes, and the moment you pack them it didn’t fit all of your clothes inside, which can be frustrating. Right? But by vacuum packing, you can save a lot of space on your luggage that you don’t even need to carry a second bag anymore. You can also roll clothes instead of folding them so they take up lesser space.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

  • Getting a travel insurance isn’t too expensive and it’s definitely worth the money just in case there’s an emergency. If you get sick, miss a flight, lose your passport or need to cancel your trip, your travel insurance gets you covered. It can also protect your trip from sudden cancellations due to natural disasters or terrorist attacks. If you’re going to get a travel insurance, make sure to check its benefits that you can get and see if they don’t overlap with your pre-existing insurance.

Travel Beverages

  • We can never escape jet lag especially when we’re travelling into a foreign country. To ease yourself, make yourself a hot cup of tea while on the flight. Avoid drinking alcoholic and caffeinated sugary drinks. They may help you quench you thirst for a while, but your body will have a hard time processing the sugars and may syphon out the water in the process. You can eat fruits with high water content as an alternative. To help minimize jet lag, staying hydrated and sleeping right before your flight is the key. The more rest you get, the less affected you get of changing time zones.

Take Advantage of your ATM

  • Use ATM to withdraw money in the local currency. Exchanging money for local currency may charge you with hidden commission rates. But by using ATM abroad, it will always dispense your money into local currency. When using foreign ATMs, always choose to be charged in local currency. Some of them may show you tempting exchange rates but behind these are hidden extra charges for both markup and conversion. But by paying with the same currency, you can completely avoid these extra charges.

Meet the Locals

  • Meeting locals on a foreign place is your best choice on the go since they know the place better. There are travel recommendation apps that can also help, but some of these are just tourist traps. But with locals, they can help you find the best places to eat, shop, and the best places to visit unlike tourist predators who’s only purpose is to sell their products at high prices. You can also gain knowledge about the culture of an area by conversing with the locals, they might tell you the history or some interesting facts about their place. The locals may also appreciate your effort if you try to speak their native language even if you’re not good at it.

Back-up your Travel Documents

  • Scanning your travel documents such as passports, travel itinerary, and airline tickets is a great way to back-up them up. It can be very frustrating when you lose a travel document such as your passport. Because it’s so difficult to replace a passport and usually takes a lot of time, which may result of waiting in the embassy as longer as you think. So having an extra back-up is a good idea especially if you’re clumsy.

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