Travel Tips for Flight Rookies

When everything from getting your bags checked up to finally getting through security, what’s left to worry is the time where you finally make it to your airplane seat and enjoy a long-haul flight. When it’s your first long flight, things might be different, and it will always be better and advisable to be prepared.

Here are few things and tips for the rookie passenger to consider when it comes to long travels.

  1. Carefully Choose Your Airline and Your Seat

Typically, some airlines are more costly if compared to others because of the type and quality services that they offer. Some airlines, on the other hand, are famous for canceled flights, lousy service, poor food, and so on. Other airlines, however, offer comfortable seats and leg space, decent food, and quality flight service. These factors, especially in a long flight, will always matter and it’s up to you to choose where to get the best deal out of your money.

Along with carefully choosing your flight, you should also give fair consideration of your choice of seat. Usually, people opt for the window seat to have the best view, and other want the seat nearest to the aisle to save themselves the hassle of scooching to the edge of the plane. Whatever it is, it’s essential to get comfortable.

  1. Layovers

If you don’t know airports that much, provide yourself at least a minimum of 2 hours for layovers and longer if there’s a need for you to pass through immigration once you’ve arrived at your destination. This way, you’ll have the chance to regain your energy and proper cognition to be able to perfectly pass through the critical offices such as immigration and customs.

  1. Avoid Overloaded Carry-On Luggage

It might be better if you choose to check in your heavy baggage and carry only a lightweight bag with you. This way, you won’t be having the burden of dragging a 20-pound bag across the airport up to the airplane itself. Carry only the essentials such as your wallet, devices or laptops, and others.

  1. Dress Wisely

It might be convenient for you if you choose your clothes wisely. Refrain from using complicated clothing items that require you to unbutton a lot of buttons behind a zipper, or wear additional layers of clothing. This way, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to take them off whenever it gets uncomfortable. Instead, wear comfortable clothes. Wear one thick jacket instead of two.

  1. Eye Masks and Ear Plugs

These items are necessary especially if you’re a light sleeper. Being in a plane for multiple hours might be uncomfortable for those people who prefer silence and peace for their sleeping time; thus, having some items supplemental to your needs should come necessary.

  1. Sleep and Walk

If you’re able and if it’s comfortable for you, get up and walk up and down the aisles. Stretch your backs and arms in the back of the airplane. This way, you will be able to relieve yourself the body discomfort that happens when you sit for too long. Keep your blood flowing and have your muscles relaxed by moving around even for a short time. Aside from that, get as much sleep as you can especially in terribly long flights.

  1. Consider Your Food Choices

Usually, there are times when your palate can’t take what’s on the airplane menu. Thus, it might be best if you research ahead on what are the best food choices that you can choose in that plane. Or better yet, carry some snacks with you such as food bars, beef jerky, and others. Aside from that, don’t forget to hydrate yourself with lots of water since airplane air is arid. Skip the tea and coffee for it will only dehydrate you further.

  1. Watch a Movie and Bring Your Headphones

One of the ways to survive a long flight is to enjoy yourself some movies or music. Luckily, most airlines provide you the luxury of movies while you’re on your flight. With this, it might be best if you bring your own set of earphones with you for it might also come handy for your device whenever you want to binge on your materials.


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