Travelling Tips and Tricks

A thoroughly researched travel trip is the best way to enjoy your much needed vacay. Finding the best hotel to stay in, the cutest stores to shop, and last but not the least the best places to eat, all of these will undergo a lot of things. From researching, to finding the right time to book, organizing and a small dose of courage. We can never escape the fact that plans will change at the last minute so it’s better to be prepared. Below are some tips and tricks to help you on your traveling escapade.

  1. Research

  • The first very important part before you travel is do some research. Compare flight details, some of them are pretty expensive and some of them are affordable, choose the best one that suits you. Make a short list of where you want to go and what you want to do during your trip. And finally, choose a country. Booking a flight in advanced is a good thing since if ever you want to change your mind, you can do last minute changes without worrying anything.
  1. Travel Documents

  • Organize your travel documents in order not to lose them. Make sure all of them are updated; Passports, Visa’s International driver’s licenses all takes time and money to have them updated. Be sure to create copies of your travel documents before you go, leave one copy for your friends and family and keep one with you so that you have an extra back-up just in case.
  1. Be Aware of Packing Guidelines

  • Clothes are very important especially when we’re on the go. But be sure to pack the ones you only need. No need to worry of not having a pair of shoes to match with each of your outfit. Pack comfortable, cool, breathable clothes. Pick different kinds of outfits that you can mix and match, you can always buy new ones though. If you’re traveling on holidays, make sure to bring a scarf with you.
  1. Medications

  • Before you leave, visit your doctor so he can prescribe you with the right medication you need to take. Drink your meds on time to avoid getting sick and always keep them in their original packaging.
  1. Free WiFi

  • There’s no doubt that we always share everything to social media while we’re on vacation, so having WiFi is a must. Off course there’s mobile data but you may want to avoid using it to prevent your phone from being charged overseas. Before you go, search out places that offers free WiFi. Don’t also forget to bring your chargers and converters before you leave the country. Make sure to download any travel apps, familiarize yourself with them and only keep the ones you’ll use the most.
  1. Convert your Cash

  • This one is very important especially if you’re traveling overseas. Before leaving your country, make sure to convert some of your cash to the currency of where you’re traveling. Familiarize yourself with different conversion rates and don’t ever carry around massive amounts of cash with you. You can keep some of them in the bank instead, as you can always use your ATM card to purchase something.

Some Useful Apps for your Vacay Escapade

Unmapped – it is an app to easily access your travel itineraries. It also has a feature to collaborate with your friends. You can check recommended places to eat, stay, and many more. You can also keep track on your findings and be able to share them with other travelers. The app also has a journal section where you can list and write anything. Overall, it’s an all-in-one travel app.

Timeout – is a city guide and trip planner app. It allows you to find all the latest restaurants, cafes, events, concerts, almost everything that’s going on inside a town. It’s a great app if you’re too shy to ask on random people.

XE Currency – is a must have app to manage your money. It’s an always up-to-date currency converter app. The app is very handy so that you’ll never be surprised where your money went because of changing exchange rates.

Google Translate – So for example, you’re on a restaurant and the menu is written in their native language. No need to worry because Google Translate is here to save the day. It has a nice little feature where you point your camera on a word or sign and the app will automatically translate it for you. You can also use this app to help you get around without learning the locals language.

Tripit – is a lightweight app which syncs all your confirmed travel bookings on your email and formulates them into an itinerary. The app organizes everything from your flights, accommodation, and cars into one single itinerary that you can easily share with other people.

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