Winter Travel Tips for This Holiday Season

Winter is almost near and people are definitely planning to travel in this coldest season throughout the year. Traveling during winter isn’t easy, you have to pack a bunch of clothes to keep you warm from the cold weather. But if you’re planning on seeing the beautiful Aurora lights, or going on a ski vacation, you’ll definitely have to venture out into the cold. But no need to worry, below are Winter travel tips to help you face winter.

Wear the Right Clothes that can Keep You Warm

  • Layered clothes is ideal in the cold winter weather. Choose a base layer and layer at with a top and bottom under your sweater and jeans or waterproof pants. Pick the best socks, wool socks are perfect since they wick away moisture and has antibacterial properties to keep your foot clean and fresh while out in the cold.
  • Complete your winter outfit with a jacket, scarf, a hat that has ear covers, gloves and now you’re ready to go! Don’t ever forget scarves as this is one of the most important accessory for your winter outfit. Your shoe choice will depend on whatever you want to do during winter. But wool socks are enough to keep your feet warm.

Snow Boots for Outside Wander

  • During winter, the most important part of your body is your feet. Your feet is always commonly in contact with snow so let’s make sure to keep out feet warm especially if you enjoy strolling outside in the winter. The feet have a large surface area and a lot of blood cells. And they’re prone to cooling faster compared to other parts of our body since the feet are at the end of our limbs. When our feet gets warm, that heat will slowly go up to the rest our body to help keep us warm.
  • A pair of Columbia Minx Boots are ideal to wear in winter. It’s lightweight, sturdy, have a lot of traction, and they’re completely waterproof. They can keep your feet warm throughout the winter and with its eye catching design, you’ll be walking around outside with style.

Pack Accessories that can Help You Keep Warm

  • Fashion becomes less important during winter. The one thing you’ll keep in mind is how to survive in the cold using clothes and other accessories. Make sure to pack enough layers as we have mentioned earlier.
  • Lips is one of the most sensitive parts of our body during winter. Having a good lip balm with you is a good idea, make sure to apply it whenever you can to prevent your lips from drying which can result to lip cracks. Another thing to bring is hand cream. Use the hand cream every time you take off your gloves to moisturize your hands and keep them from drying.

Keep Your Feet Warm at All Times

  • Feet and Hands are extremely vulnerable to Hypothermia. With the feet being the most sensitive one, it’s important to keep the feet warm as it plays an important role in how our bodies regulate temperature.
  • Get yourself some snow boots and some thick wool socks as we’ve mentioned earlier. When it comes to winter, preparing your feet to keep as warm as possible is a must. Don’t neglect your feet, your whole body will thank you later.

Drive Safely During Winter

  • Icy and snowy roads is definitely a challenge to those who wants to drive during winter. It’s nice to drive along a road where you can see snow-filled landscapes. You can admire the scenery and you can stop whenever you want to take pictures and share it throughout social media. But be careful as the road may be slippery which can cause accidents. So how can we avoid this?
  • The most important precaution to do is to upgrade your tires to winter tires. Whether you’re renting a car or have your own, winter tires is a must for driving during winter. If you’re new to winter tires, you can go to your local mechanic or car rental agency to ask about upgrading to winter tires.
  • Another thing is travel insurance. Make sure that your travel insurance is valid and covers you when driving.
  • Drive slow especially on slippery roads to avoid accidents. Drive at a speed that you can control and you are able to brake when you need to. Test the brakes to test how slippery the road is. Don’t try to overspeed or else you’ll be spending your holidays in heaven.

 Get a Flu Shot

  • Apart from feet, lips, and all other parts of the body, health is also very important during winter. Getting a flu shot prior to your trip will benefit your health and also the outcome of your holiday as well. Weather changes are expected during winter, it may be cold and then hours later a sudden snowstorm will come. You know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Winter is probably the worst time to get sick. You don’t want to miss out the snow, or the Christmas shopping, or even skiing. So protect yourself, talk to your doctor, and get vaccinated at least 2 weeks before your holiday trip to avoid getting sick.

Choose Local Ski Areas Rather than Fancy Resorts

  • Famous ski resorts like the Vail and Park City offers the best terrain for skiing but are very expensive. You may be having fun skiing around these premium resorts but you’ll definitely end up having an empty wallet after the fun.
  • When tight on budget, local ski areas offer cheaper prices and can often give you a much more interesting experience. And if it’s your first time snow skiing, lessons will also be cheaper and definitely worth the cost. It’s possible to learn skiing on your own, but a vacation is not a good time to do it.

Foods and Chocolates to Help You Stay Warm

  • Earlier in our article, we’re focusing on how clothes can keep us warm. But did you know that foods can also do the same too? Chocolate is one of them, well if you don’t like chocolate, anything sweet will do.
  • Staying out in the cold for hours can lead to a lot of energy loss. This is because our body is burning a lot of energy to keep us warm. Having a chocolate treat is not only a reward, but also a necessity.
  • If you want something to drink, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee can also help too. We may think that dehydration will only happen during hot sunny days where we sweat a lot. But did you know that you also get dehydrated during winter too? So instead of your regular drinking water, get a hot chocolate treat for you to enjoy. It will keep you hydrated and warm at the same time.

Drink Mulled Wine

  • If you’re freezing outside in the cold, head at your German-style Christmas market. These markets are everywhere during winter and can offer you cozy drinks to enjoy. Most of them sold mulled wine that can help circulate your blood.

Pack Smart to Save Yourself from Heavy Luggage

  • It’s always a smart idea to bring only the ones that are important during your winter trip. You don’t want to pack a lot of things that in the end, only 50% of them are the ones you’re going to use.
  • To pack smart, make sure to bring your extra warm inner T-Shirts and extra-warm tights. These things are lightweight and doesn’t take too much luggage space. If you have these, you don’t need to wear layers, which can also save space as you don’t have to pack enough clothes. Wear your hoodies so you don’t need to put them inside the luggage for easier carrying.

Prepare for the Cold Winter

  • Now that you’re ready to go onwards to your winter vacay, it’s time to keep in mind all of the things listed above. Never ever forget bringing your winter gear with you, as normal jackets won’t keep you warm. Pack all the things you need, keep your feet warm, drive safely, and enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends.


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